Compression Spring Calculator Instructions

Calculator Instruction Video

Step 1. Choose your end type.
Pick from:
Closed and Square
Closed and Ground
Double Closed Ends
Open Ends

Step 2. Enter your spring dimensions
Select your unit of measure: English or Metric
Inputs Needed:
Wire Diameter
Outer Diameter
Free Length
Active Coils
Select your material type (15 types to choose from)
Click Calculate

Step 3. Enter your working loads
This step is optional but recommended:
Choose a load that is within the limits of the
minimum and maximum possible loads below. Once
you choose a load or loaded height the unknown
value will be calculated for you when you hit
tab or click on calculate button.

Step 4. Warnings and helpful tips:This is an automatic
feature that works when you hit calculate or enter a
working load. It will give you warning messages
and helpful tips to correct your spring design.

Warnings include:
The force in L2 is less than the force in L1
Your loaded height exceeds the maximum safe travel
Your load exceeds the max safe load
Loaded Height / Solid Height Conflict
Your index is too small (below 4)
Your index is too large (above 15)
Your Spring May Buckle
Your Free Length is less than your solid height

Helpful tips include:
Your L2 must be greater than your L1. The formula
for load is rate x distance traveled = load.
Thus if your distance traveled for L2 is greater
than L1, your load at L2 must be greater.

If you need to travel a certain distance that
takes you beyond the max safe travel here are some
options: increase number of coils, increase the
outer diameter, or increase the wire diameter

If you need to reach a load that takes you beyond
the max load you need to change your input values
here are some options:increase the number of coils,
increase the outer diameter, or increase the wire

Your loaded height cannot exceed your solid height.
To solve this problem here are some options: readjust
your loaded height, decrease your number of active
coils, or decrease your wire diameter.

In order to increase your index you will need to
increase your outer diameter or decrease your wire

In order to decrease your index you will need to
decrease your outer diameter or increase your wire

If your spring is not placed in a hole or over a
shaft and has a free length divided by mean diameter
greater than 4, you run the risk of the spring
buckling while being compressed.  To fix this
problem here are some options: place the spring over
a shaft or in a hole, increase the wire diameter,
or shorten the free length

You have entered a free length that is not possible
based on you other inputs.  To fix this here are
some options: increase the free length of the spring,
decrease the number of coils, or decrease the wire size.

Step 5. Review your answers
You’ll get all the technical spring information like:

Loads & Rates:
True Maximum Load
Maximum Load Considering Solid Height
Spring constant (or Spring rate)
Safe Travel:
True Maximum Travel
Maximum Travel Considering Solid Height
Physical Dimensions:
Diameter of spring wire
Outer diameter of spring
Inner diameter of spring
Mean diameter of spring
Free length of spring
Number of active coils
Number of total coils
Solid height
Type of ends
Spring index
Distance between coils
Rise angle of coils
Material Type
Weights & Measures
Weight of one spring
Weight per one thousand springs
Length of wire required to make one spring
Stress Factors:
Material shear modulus
Maximum shear stress possible
Wahl correction factor
Suggested Part Number

Step 6. Generate Blueprint:
This feature gives you a real-time working blueprint
of your spring, this is an exact blueprint of your
spring. Scroll to the bottom of this page to customize
your blue print with your company logo. Edit part name
& number as well tolerances, finishes and print revisions
and add mfg notes. You can also convert the blueprint to PDF,
as well as open or save the file with just one click.

Save to computer: Downloads a PDF file to your computer.

Print Design and Blueprint: Print the design and blueprint

Email design and Print: Send the spring design and blueprint
to your client or send to 3 different receivers with just
one click.